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Hunting for berries

wpid-snapseed-01.jpegStrawberry season is coming to an end, and giving way for the vegetable show, but we’ve still got a few hidden raspberries in our little patch. It’s been my job to make sure all the berries get picked, so I’ve become a master at berry hunting. Little red jewels in a forest of overgrown green, they seem determined to hide from me.


Jim likes to come and “help”. This involves sitting in the sunny patch by the raspberries and rolling over. He did give a strawberry a test sniff once, but decided he would be a fine young gentleman and leave the strawberries to us humans. Rosie likes to dash in and out, pretending there is a scary monster (aka the wind) chasing her. Luckily, they are always very careful and somehow manage to dodge all the fallen strawberries. We had a few weeks of daily strawberries and cream, then progressed to dot them on anything for decoration (like chocolate cake)wpid-2015-08-03_12.05.51.jpg

Home-grown always tastes better:)

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Hello again!

Finally! My exams are over! It has been a very stressful week, and I haven’t had a weekend, evening or holiday for the last month – but I’m reasonably happy with how they all went, so that should work out ok:) So that is why I’ve disappeared, I must admit, I missed writing, and I’m glad it’s all over now! On a better note, the weather’s been lovely, we’ve had beautiful sun recently – but with a refreshing breeze. Lunch has turned into revision and a picnic outside, which is a big step up from shivering in a corner:)

DSCF6976 DSCF7138

Jim has been loving the hot weather and his evenings involve a roll in the sun then a tummy tickle – bliss! However, after about 10 minutes, he has to seek shelter in the shade as his silky, black coat seems to just soak up the heat. He was a bit sick earlier in the week, we think he might have had a bit too much grass after eating a bad shrew. He’s very clever and always seems to know what will make him feel better. There’s been research recently Continue reading “Hello again!”

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Broken down cars, exams, pottery painting in the peak district and cats – another week gone.

Hello again! My usual apology and excuse remains the same, (still revising) but I’ve got a few minutes spare so I thought I’d write a post. Exams are getting closer now, so most of my time is spent revising but after the 12th, I’ll be free!

Photo 29-05-2015 14 43 04

Incidentally, that was my reaction the other day when I came shuffling out of school at 3:30. I’d been ill for most of the week, and it was the first day I’d been in school. It probably shouldn’t have though, as I’d felt like I was about to collapse all day. It had been hard enough staying in over lunch, and I’d picked up my phone several times to consider asking to be picked up, so you can imagine I was pretty excited to be going home. Or more specifically, home to my bed. I usually walk part of the way home, but as I was crossing the road, my mum called out (to my horror), as she was parked outside school. The initial reaction was relief, I didn’t have to drag my self down the road, and probably embarrassment at having my mum come and meet me outside school – then it quickly turned to confusion. My sister was in the car, when she was supposed to have gone home after lunch (lucky thing finished her exams before mine have even started!), and we didn’t seem to be going home – just causing a lot of traffic. Then I got the big reveal… my mum and sister had been stuck outside school since lunch. No bed, no hot tea, no home – instead, a long wait in the cold car until the AA came. Continue reading “Broken down cars, exams, pottery painting in the peak district and cats – another week gone.”

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Decoupage, bento boxes, gardens and mice!

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but it’s been very busy with the holiday ending and school starting. I’ve had my first practice exam, but it all got a bit messed up as the teacher wasn’t there and we had a supply, who subsequently forgot to order enough papers. I was sat surrounded by people working through the paper while having no test to do myself – for 25 minutes!

We’ve had a dramatic week with the cats Continue reading “Decoupage, bento boxes, gardens and mice!”

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A few thoughts and memories leading up to the holidays

It’s the time of the year where everyone starts coming home! This year is no exception and we have five ( not counting the cats) already. At one point in the upcoming week though, there’s going to be twelve, so it’s spring cleaning season supposedly. The table is a mess so unless some of it gets cleared, we won’t be able to fit five, DSCF7145yet alone twelve!

I’ve always liked the Easter holidays. No icy winds or snow but at the same time, you can go outside without passing out from the heat! Instead, you get a nice warm break with all the flowers and trees waking up. It feels like a very good time for growing, so I’m hoping to start getting out into the garden. A few years ago, I started looking after a small “flower garden”. Most of it was cat grass but the poppies worked very well and we had enough marigolds to start making little seed packets for this year. I’ve not been growing anything for a while as there just hasn’t been time but, just like last year supposedly was, this is the year I start gardening again. I just hope I haven’t missed sowing season! Continue reading “A few thoughts and memories leading up to the holidays”