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Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington


So it’s been awhile since my last post, but I mentioned a follow up to Jim’s Skills – so without further ado, here is Rosie’s section!


When we first got Rosie, she was a lot shier than Jim, and she spent the first hours inside her carrier – where she had been kept all her life before the RSPCA found her. When she finally came out though, she got a bit braver everyday. Rosie was only 2 then, so she still had a lot of kittenish traits (she still does at five and a half!) and it wasn’t long before she wanted to explore.


The way that I connected with her was through playIMG_4924.JPG. Continue reading “Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington”

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Rosie Stubington – Queen of Cuddles

IMG_3703.JPG Rosie has a little habit. Just before I need to do something important, she will start crying. How can a cat cry, you ask? With heart wrenching skill. Meeew! Meew meew!IMG_3731.JPG Next, she struts over to my bed and waits for me to sit down and welcome her up.

IMG_3322.JPG Of course, I oblige and pat the duvet. Up she pops and now it’s a little “brrr” as she spins round and pushes her tail into my face.IMG_2670.JPG Now I have to lie down so that she can ram her bottom onto my tummy before a collapse and slide. Now she is sat with her tail and bottom perched on my waist and my body curled around her .

IMG_2671.JPG This is how we stay for quite a while with a lot of cheek rubbing and head stroking, along with some nose nuzzling. Oh and also some face dusting. Tails are tickly (hehehehehe).IMG_3332.JPG Oh Rosie!

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A few quick words

Just a quick post before I make a bigger one. Here is a lovely little saying my Dad just said out of the blue: My daughter she has many faults, but I only have 2 – everything I say and everything I do.

I’m not sure why, that just made me laugh! Now they are watching old adverts, I’m going to have the Vitalife spread song stuck in my head for days now 😛 Anyone remember it? Continue reading “A few quick words”

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The Rosie Project with Rosie

I am currently (well, I was when I wrote this) lying in bed with my computer tucked under my chin at a rather peculiar angle. The reason for this is that both cats have decided they are in need of a place to  nap and apparently my stomach and legs were a prime candidate. Continue reading “The Rosie Project with Rosie”