Rosie and Jim

In case you hadn’t guessed from my countless mentions, Rosie and Jim are my two, beautiful cats. We adopted them from our local RSPCA on the 10th of February, 2013 as a way of relaxing the house. Something they proved very good at!

Before we adopted them, Rosie and Jim had been kept in a small cat carrier together, with all their food, bedding and litter in the same space. Luckily, they were rescued by the RSPCA and along we came! We had originally been looking for a tabby and ginger kitten but after giving us a quick test, one of the volunteers seemed to think we were worthy parents and introduced us to Rosie and Jim. And that was that! We started visiting them when we had spare time and I’d make little toys for Jim to play with. At first, Rosie was quite shy, very much overshadowed by Jim’s huge character, but she soon started looking for attention! Then on one visit, I came out of their little room to see my Mum with a big cat carrier! Since then, they have both grown so much in character (and probably in the tummy area a little, iN

Jim’s case!).DSCF7075

Rosie has come right out of her shell and, although she may never join her brother as a lap cat, she loves a good stroke and will usually come and curl up next to me! Her latest bid for attention is meowing as loud as possible then head butting me, purring like a little train! She has us all wrapped around her little finger, the saying “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff” fits very well. She yells until she has our attention then leads us to her destination. In most circumstances, this is the door to the washroom. She then gets a stroke and a cuddle before being placed on the washing machine where she sits and eats her leftover breakfast. This started as Jim used to eat her food so we moved her to the washing room. Now, it just means she can have a big fuss while she eats at any chosen time! Her favourite pastime is playing though! For her 4th birthday, she received a new laser and it drives her crazy!  Jim too if you can get his attention. However, her favourite toy is a little blue ball that we got from a lucky dip years ago. Unfortunately, this is the only ball she will use. I am not looking forward to the day she loses it! I spent a lot of time gaining Rosie’s trust when she first came. Now, we have a sort of language. She knows how ask me for something, and I always understand. I also have a special whistle which means “I have the little blue ball!” She will then come running from where ever she is and I sit and play catch with her. Perhaps she is a little confused over whether she’s a dog or a cat! Rosie then grabs the ball in her mouth and comes running back to give it to me – unless she is feeling tired… In which case the game becomes rather one sided with her running, catching then sitting and me running backwards and forwards throwing the ball for her.


Jim, is the big black and white tiger! Not really a tiger though. More like a teddy bear!IMG_3617 Don’t be fooled by his sharp teeth, he is a big softie! He loves to sit on our knee and is always enjoys a stroke. Jim is the most tolerant cat I have ever met! However, he is not without bad habits. No food is safe when Jim is around. He has been known to tuck into all kinds of meals: Cake, stir fry, and kind of meat and corn on the cob. He managed to drag one into a corner then sat and munched away at the sweet corn. His love for sweet corn was put to the test once… Someone had left a plate of spaghetti carbonara out and Jim came along and, instead of licking up the cheese, milk, bacon or cream surrounding the pasta, he picked out he pieces of sweet corn! He has also managed to steal a pecan pie, guzzled down the filling then spat out the pecans. Jim spends quite a lot of time outside but his favourite activity is sitting on my Mum’s knee.

So there you are! Our two lovely cats. Hopefully you can imagine them now as I go on about them!

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