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10 reasons why it’s ALWAYS peanut butter time

My favourite thing to eat for breakfast has to be porridge (although French toast is always brilliant when I have time)- specifically peanut butter porridge, so it reminded me of an argument I recently had with my sister over peanut butter. She doesn’t like it…. I don’t think we can be siblings anymore:( So, to bring her to the dark side (and in celebration of a new type of peanut butter I discovered – it tastes like Ferrero Rocher but better), here are 10 ways to use peanut butter. Hopefully some are new ideas.


1) In porridge

The queen of them all, peanut butter porridge. Simply stir a tablespoon into a pan full of porridge and serve hot:) You don’t need anything else. I find that a little sachet of oats (Sainsbury’s are around 30g) with 200 – 250ml of soy (or any other kind) milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter works very well. And the best part is, it will only take about 10 minutes to make (because, as much as I would like triple chocolate waffles with French almond and coconut home made coconut ice cream and banana fritters, I rarely have more than 15 minutes for breakfast). You can find a recipe for my peanut butter porridge here

Photo 29-05-2015 14 45 41

2) In biscuits/ cookies

Simply replace the butter in your recipe with peanut butter, this works with cakes too, but be careful as it can make them a little denser. But in biscuits, it makes for a lovely buttery texture and either a sharp crunch, or soft chew (depending on how you bake them). It also means you get the signature peanut butter taste. I recently tried making cookies with peanut butter and apple sauce. I don’t usually put applesauce in my food (as far as I’m aware, it’s a sauce for Sunday roasts, so I don’t have any need for owning any) but this was actually delicious, and sufficient evidence for me to try using it more often. I’ve heard rumours of PB creeping into bread dough too which sounds pretty amazing!


3) On hot French toast

Straight from the pan, lather on some peanut (or other nut) butter. If you get it right, you can end up with a creamy but hard peanut shell – or just a delicious melty mess. Add yoghurt, or cut into little fingers:) My favourite combination is cashew butter with a few normal cashew nuts and raspberries.


4) Sailing away on a banana boat

Slice the banana down the middle (oh dear, I sound like a fruit version of jack the ripper – talking of fruit, did you know bananas are berries?!?!) then spoon in a line of peanut butter and bake for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (or just until it goes brown). The result – gooey, sweet and salty banana heaven! What’s more, bananas are one of your five a day, w

frosthich means you can eat five of these a day, right? I may have fallen asleep during that biology lesson… Find the recipe here.

5) In frosting/icing/mousse/moussting (mousse like frosting!)

You know you have a good chocolate mousse recipe when it is the same as your frosting recipe. I feel I should say icing, that seems more British, but I personally think frosting is very different to icing. I always think of icing as being too sweet and runny. Frosting is more flavoursome with a good texture.

You’ve probably heard of tofu mousse (if you haven’t, sorry for that shock, it Photo 25-04-2015 11 10 25sounds disgusting I know – it is nice though, honest), and by adding a spoonful of peanut butter, you can transform it. Creamy, rich and thick with a subtle twist. However, you can take it one step further by adjusting the recipe to make an amazing frosting/moussting. If I remember correctly, about a 1/3 of a cup of peanut butter with 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder, 4 tsp of sweetener (like agave or maple syrup – 2 tsp of truvia works though), about a quarter of a block of tofu (roughly 100g, you can easily leave this out – but it will be very rich!)  and some sort of milk to get the right consistency. As you can tell, I don’t make a habit of following a recipe. It changes each time depending on what I have, and what I feel like. You can also add some coconut milk, chocolate spread, vanilla essence or even melted chocolate. Go wild! Oh, and lock up your spoons if you want to have enough to ice your cake. Chocolate Covered Katie has some very good frosting ideas that are similar to this, you can find her frosting section here. Quite a few of my favourite treats were inspired by her blog, so if you like anything I write, it could possibly be thanks to one of her posts.


6) Fudge! (or truffles)

Super easy. A banana, 1/2 cup of peanut butter, some coconut oil if you have it (I only have it from when I made my sister a coeliac version of her favourite chocolate bar, bounties) some sort of sweetener to taste and a splash of vanilla. Again, add what you like. Then pop it in the fridge until it’s hard. It is a good idea to keep it cool to stop it melting, but it won’t matter. Oh, and adding pecans makes a big difference.

7) Hot chocolate

As a general rule, peanut butter + chocolate = success. Hot chocolate IMG_5829requires a bit of a knack though, as it can end up with lumps of butter floating around. For the best result, heat the peanut butter then slowly add a bit of very hot water, sweetener and cocoa, stirring constantly. When it forms a paste, add some more water and stir again. Continue until it is runny but still thick then add your milk. This should prevent the dreaded lumps. Careful you don’t make yourself sick though – if you could get danger signs for rich food, there would be a big one next to a cup of this.

8) In stew!

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad! This is quite a common occurrence in African stews. The peanut butter adds a lot of depth to the flavour as well as providing a creamy sauce. My favourite recipe for this is one by the vegan society which I tried about a year ago and loved!


9) On top of yoghurt (or swirled in)

I really like yoghurt:) It is my poorly food. Whenever I have a sore throat, or feel down, yoghurt is there to soothe and comfort. And the best part is that you can cover it in anything! Nuts and fruit are obvious, but drizzled nut butter (especially almond – let’s not limit ourselves to just peanut butter) can add the perfect combination of sweet and salty. More importantly, it means you can draw smiley faces on top of your yoghurt:)

10) The most obvious way

You know, for when you can’t be bothered to actually make something.

You will need:

Peanut butter

a spoon


Om nom nom

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Sailing away on a banana boat

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Another jigsaw piece for my big PB post:) Banana’s are one of those things I had a love-hate relationship with as a child. One day I would have banana for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mum would cut it into circles and I would spend weeks eating masses of bananas. But then, I would forget to eat bananas one day, and suddenly, I was completely convinced I hated bananas. Despite loving them the day before. I would continue being terrified of bananas until I accidently ate some or summoned up the bravery to try it again. Then the cycle would start again, with me loving bananas.

When I got a bit older, my mum would make me baked bananas. We’d have them hot with custard and it felt like the perfect food for a cold autumn evening. My sister came back from university and told me that her favourite thing to do was bake them with chocolate (so that it melted) then serve with ice-cream. Quite possibly the most amazing combination ever! And luckily, peanut butter is a pretty decent contender for the throne.

I was actually going through a banana hate phase (not fully grown out of them) when I wanted to make this post, so I forced myself to eat a banana – and I’m very glad I did:) It was hot, soft, sweet and creamy – all at once! IMG_0977Fill with peanut butter…


BAKE! See, simple:)


1 banana

enough peanut butter to spread (about 1/2 – 1 tbsp.)

That’s it! (but feel free to add some chocolate chips or serve with cream/ice cream)


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (160 fan oven)

Slice the banana down the middle then fill with peanut butter (and chocolate chips if desired)

Wrap in foil by rolling it lengthwise then twisting the ends

Bake for around 20 minutes, but check it often so you can take it out once brown.


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Quick and creamy peanut butter porridge


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Yes! I know, any old fool can stir oats in a pan, but that makes grey slop, not proper porridge. So rest assured, this is special porridge which has been perfected over many cold winters.

It’s official. Breakfast is the best meal of the day. Just think about it: waffles, pancakes, French toast, omelette (or some form of tofu), granola and. . . PORRIDGE!!! (basically oatmeal for those of you who aren’t familiar with the English name). Creamy (lumpy), soft (sloppy) and (potentially) full of flavour – porridge doesn’t have to be boring. I like to make it the old fashioned way in a pan over the hob, armed with a spoon and 10 minutes to get breakfast. However, eating bland porridge every day is a bit of a breakfast crime. So, it became apparent that I had to spice it up – but still keep the wholesome, simple joy of shoving just oats and (soy) milk in a pan. Obviously, peanut butter was the answer. Continue reading “Quick and creamy peanut butter porridge”

Tofu, Aubergine, Mushroom and Quinoa Risotto Salad



Saturday at last! Saturday brings plenty of time to relax, read and…. COOK! So here’s my pre-easter gift to you. One of my favourite food combinations. My latest lunch craze is risotto salads. I make a lovely big salad but I cook the vegetables and add some quinoa in a bit of a sauce. You could argue that cooking the vegetables stops it being a salad, and you’d probably be right, but it’s still chock a block full of delicious vegetables! Feel free to add more or swap around though. The quinoa adds a bit of crunch as well while the tofu brings plenty of flavour and protein! Continue reading “Tofu, Aubergine, Mushroom and Quinoa Risotto Salad”

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Creamy chocolate and raspberry cake – Vegan and reduced sugar and fat

IMG_2202The clocks went back last night so I’ve missed out on an hour of sleep. This may not seem that long but it’s managed to make me feel exhausted! I had my Sunday breakfast treat of cinnamon French toast (I will post the recipe later as it’s egg free so a little different to most recipes) and now Jim has crawled onto my knee while I type!

I made this cake for my friends birthday. I always make animal free cakes so wasn’t really sure what to do  but she asked me if I could “please make it vegan, as they taste better!” I was very happy about this, so got to work straight away. I brought it into my creative writing club for her the next day and the cake got the thumbs up! Continue reading “Creamy chocolate and raspberry cake – Vegan and reduced sugar and fat”