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Making maps and offending countries

I will first make a disclaimer apologising for my abysmal lack of geographical skills and mistake of drawing maps in permanent pen.

I have a book where I try to teach myself about world history and geography. Today’s challenge was looking at the formation and breakup of Yugoslavia – something I have been curious about for a while. However, it turns out I am very bad at drawing maps…

What I was aspiring to create… 

So far I have: literally boosted turkey (or at least the blob representing it) up in the world so that it sits next to Romania; completely removed about 4 countries, swapped over Slovenia and Slovakia (they had the same first 3 letters on my abbreviated map); turned Austria into what looks like a slipper (paired with a high-heeled Italy and you have an argument for renaming Europe “the international shoe shop”) and finally, and perhaps worst of all, completely forgotten about Moldova.

I think I may have just offended half of Europe.

My project is nearly done now but from this point onwards, you can be sure that my printer will be working a lot harder…

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Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!

Today I have got a very rare non-cat related post for you!

I was nominated by Brenda and Buddy (a beautiful cat) for the Liebster Award! You can find both of them here, and I would definitely recommend paying a visit! (Although make sure you do it privately as Rosie and Jim seem to get a little jealous of me cooing at all the cute kitty photos…) Continue reading “Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!”

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Seven day NHS – turning doctors into patients

You will probably have heard about the planned changes to the NHS , as they have been an almost constant topic in UK news. In a nutshell, there has been a lot of conflict regarding a new contract for junior doctors (please note that junior doctors can be anything up to consultant). Cleverly disguised by a claimed “increase in pay” and “decrease in hours” it aims to make NHS services available all week. However, this will entail many doctors being required to work antisocial hours – without the same additional pay. Having already sacrificed enough for their career, many doctors turned to strikes to spread their message. Considering we live in a democratic country, one would think that this would have led to some sort of reconsideration, however, the preferred method of control is evidently to simply force it upon them.

I’ve grown up surrounded by medical careers for all my life, Continue reading “Seven day NHS – turning doctors into patients”

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Hot, Hot, Hot! Let’s have a moan about the weather:)

Just a quick post today as I’m preparing for one later in the week (think peanut butter… this is why it’s taking so long, I do have peanut butter limits for taste testing).

I’m sat here right now semi-melted. For anyone in the UK, the heat wave we’re having right now seems to be the most interesting thing there is. Just think, it combines weather with moaning! Brilliant, now i just need tea – but it’s too hot for tea! While it may be a long way away from the daily temperatures of places like Africa, changing from 5 degrees and tipping it down to 35 degrees and sunny is a big deal for us brits:)

Why is it so hot right now? Continue reading “Hot, Hot, Hot! Let’s have a moan about the weather:)”