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Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington


So it’s been awhile since my last post, but I mentioned a follow up to Jim’s Skills – so without further ado, here is Rosie’s section!


When we first got Rosie, she was a lot shier than Jim, and she spent the first hours inside her carrier – where she had been kept all her life before the RSPCA found her. When she finally came out though, she got a bit braver everyday. Rosie was only 2 then, so she still had a lot of kittenish traits (she still does at five and a half!) and it wasn’t long before she wanted to explore.


The way that I connected with her was through playIMG_4924.JPG. Continue reading “Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington”

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Making sacrifices

IMG_3266.JPGMy apologies for the poor quality, but there’s a rather lovely story behind it!

This photo is from when Rosie paid a visit to her favourite holiday home – my wardrobe. Continue reading “Making sacrifices”

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Stubington Cats – 2016!

Phew! That was exhausting…

Well, we’ve almost made it through another year… phew! I guess that means it’s time to review the past.

Hmm, new years resolutions. I’m not sure I even bothered to make any, although, my whole family said that we wanted to visit our grandparents more. I think we achieved that pretty well! I’ll call it a success. I also wanted to learn something new. I’ve been spending a lot of 2015 learning code, anatomy and various other sciences so hopefully that counts.

Finally, spending time with the cats is always a permanent fixture on my list, but this year I also wanted to try and teach them some manners. That means no more stealing food, or chairs, or boxes… the list could go on for miles. I’m not sure that gets a tick as, for most of my evening I have been perched on the very edge of a beanbag that Rosie was spread out across. This is after Jim sat and stared at my plate for an entire mealtime and made an attempt to devour the gravy (why he was interested i’m not sure as it doesn’t even have any meat in it!). Ok – that one gets a fail mark.


Now for this year. Well, I should probably try to be a bit more active here (sorry!) but apart from that – I have no ideas! That’s not to say there aren’t things I’d like to improve (there are many!), I just don’t think there is a single solution that can be carried out through a year long task.

Instead, I want to just try and live for a bit – and enjoy what’s good instead of trying to change things to make life better. Maybe we should have New Year Satisfaction, and spend a bit of time just being grateful. I think that is possibly the point in thanksgiving, but being a Brit, I can’t say I’ve ever celebrated it.

So, tonight I will be thinking about what I don’t want to resolve. My new years count down…


10 – Rosie and Jim of course! Even if it means having to give up my sofa spot and always guarding my food, I don’t think I would ever want them to change.f.jpg


9 – Books. Without them, my life would be a lot
more boring. I’ve just finished The Martian, and what a book it was. If you are a fan of New Years Resolutions, reading The Martian should be the first one you make.

IMG_7037.JPG8 – Soup. (See the pattern?) I’ve been suffering from a horrible cold and stomach bug. I spent my Christmas semi-asleep (no changes there), but if there’s one thing you can rely on to help you recover, it’s a hot bowl of therapeutic soup. hh.jpg

7 – Family. Cheesy – maybe. But true nonetheless. I’m so glad to have seen my Mum’s parents more after years of not seeing them. I had a fascinating conversation with my Grandad about quantum physics! IMG_2844


6 – Trees. Not only do they supply us with plenty of oxygen (which is just a little bit important) they are also rather good at being seats. A special thank you to my lovely tree in front of the house that has been putting up with me for years.fs.jpg
5 – Fluffy socks. I feel these are getting progressively more ridiculous, but i really do love socks, which is why it’s so annoying when I always take my left sock off without noticing. I have no idea why. I have got an amazing pair of panda socks at the moment with pompom ears.

vmms.png4 – Music. Something that’s got me through a difficult year. No matter what your taste (and I don’t often find people who share music taste with me…), I like to think/hope that most people have enjoyed music at some point in there life. I suppose that is something to aim for this year – making my own music.

wate].jpg3 – Water. Not just for drinking. Ever since I was a baby, I have always loved water – especially being in it. I think I must have permanently looked like a prune I spent so much time playing in the bath. I also used to have bath “tea”. This was just hot water from the tap in a little plastic cup. The only problem was, I’d have so much tea it would wake me up in the middle of the night needing the toilet.

IMG_6202.JPG2 – Studying. I’ve managed to get into a good routine for managing my work, and it can be incredibly satisfying to end a day feeling you’ve achieved

1 – Friends. This is something I can find quite hard. In general, talking to people terrifies me!  But I’ve attempted to stray from my comfort zone. While exhausting, it’s definitely worth trying to spend time with new people. There’s still work to do – but I’ve still time.

And 0!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year:) Hope it’s a good





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Quick hello and quick jam

Just a quick hello I’m afraid.

I’ve been trying to get all prepared for the new school year. My room is nice and tidy now, and I’ve got all my textbooks organised (mostly). I had assigned a drawer for desktop aid (staplers, spare paper, pens, essential rhubarb and custard sweets – that sort of thing), but Rosie decided it had been assigned to her. To be honest, I do agree that she is an essential work aid.

I have also been busy harvesting all the fruit and vegetables that are cropping up. All the beans are doing well, although the mange tout is starting to slow. The onions are huge, so this weekend’s soup was onion and garlic – mmmm…  The only problem there has been is with the sweetcorn. Whilst I  am aware that it is delicious, I also feel the insects could have showed a little more self restraint before ripping it to shred

I’m very pleased with the fruit this year though, whilst the berries dried up a while ago, the plums have come into their prime phase, and we have pears for the first time in years since our tree got infected. However, after leaving a very large bowl full of plums on the table, there were still a few going soft today. So, I tried a little experiment. When I was young, my grandma used to teach me how to make jam. I remember it being a very long, trivial process full of adding sugar and stirring. Well, I wanted to get some physics revision done, so I was only going to give up 10 minutes and a small amount of space. So, the plums got stuck in the microwave with some sugar and cinnamon. About 15 minutes later, I had a pot full of spiced, slightly tart, slightly sweet jam – which got the thumbs up from everyone who tried it. I had no idea what would happen, so I didn’t keep track of anything. But I will try to recreate it so I can let you know (probably a bit boring, but it might interest someone).

That’s all I have time for, early bed for me:) More soon.

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A day in the life of Rosie Stubington


I am sorry I have not written in so long, but as usual, work has been getting in the way. I had been working on a big post for quite a while, before realising that I didn’t have a way of getting all the necessary content at this moment in time. However, it is now officially the start of my summer holiday, so I should be more active:) For the first time in six years, I will be going on holiday. My family and I used to go to Cornwall each year. We would stay in a little farmyard cottage and walk down to the strawberry farm to pick the most delicious fruit you will ever taste! However, this year, i will be staying in the lake district for a week. It’s  such a beautiful place, that just being there is holiday enough. This does mean that Rosie and Jim will be on their own. To combat this, we have a cat-sitter coming to meet them this week. This means I can train her in the complex art of caring for Rosie:) it will be very hard leaving my little fur babies for the first time without a member of the family being there, but it is good to know someone will be checking up on them (and making sure they haven’t destroyed the house!).

Rosie is being very affectionate at the moment. Every weekend, I read in bed for an hour or so if i have time, and it never takes more than ten minutes before Rosie has hopped up beside me. She then proceeds to purr very loudly and push herself up against me.


Today we had a big drama (in Rosie world it was, at least). The weather decided to be completely horrible and there was a small gust… Sorry, huge vicious tornado. Rosie did her best to stay calm, but soon there came a plaintive “MEW”. I rushed outside, my heart racing as I imagined Rosie in five hundred different life or death situations, to find her sat outside screaming her head off. She spotted me and came trotting over for a stroke and comforting rub. She let me know about the terrifying wind then I was roped into following her round outside so she could explore without getting scared. If ingot too far away from her, she would let out a little cry and come running back until I followed again. Oh Rosie, I do worry about you.

The other day, Rosie decided to follow up her “get fit” new years resolution (she’s doing better than me) by trying out kitty yoga. Once sat on her yoga-bean-bag-mat/throne, she tried out her best moves.

You are a tree…. Stretch your branches and breeeeathe!


To the right…

To the left….

And clap!

Look at this tummy! I don’t need yoga, in beautiful already:)

I deserve a rest… That’s enough exercise for today… And tomorrow.

Right, well Rosie’s off now. There’s a box in the sitting rooms with her name (and flaw marks) on it.

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I realised the other day that I was rarely lonely growing up (back before iPad’s and flat screen TV’s:)). With four siblings, there was always someone to talk to, and we were lucky enough to find a lovely house in the countryside with a big garden for getting rid of our energy. I often think the reason we could afford it is because nothing works! The cupboards fall off the walls when you touch them, and the heating breaks every winter, but when I was younger, the most important thing was being able to run around. Our favourite activity was drawing big squares on the pavement. Each area became a different shop, and with the help of a few plastic chairs and plates, we got to work decorating. Then, we would hop onto our bikes/very fast racing cars and drive around town. My middle sister was always “Lavinya the hairdresser”, and you could pop in for a quick hair brush while my eldest sister ran a restaurant. This was brilliant, as somehow our mum let us eat as much of the restaurant food as we wanted. Endless plates of oats mixed with apple and grape (the chefs speciality). However, the town was far from peaceful, suddenly, a ten year old robber would steal a hairbrush, or somebodies high speed motorbike (scooter) and  chaos erupted. Lavinya hid under her table, the chef yelled and along came a tall, lanky policeman (my eldest brother) to sort out the crime. of course, he couldn’t go anywhere without the detective – which is where 4 year old me comes in! I would run into the madness flail my arms while craning my neck to see what was going on. This simple action must have been magic, as the robber was then captured and locked behind the garden gate. Peace was restored (until someone found a red towel and decided the garage was going to be set on fire).hh

I spent most of my childhood outside. My sister and I used to have a little kitchen hidden behind a bush. It comprised of half a brick wall counter, a concrete slab table, and an iron grill over two bricks for cooking everything. Not quite the plastic playhouses of today, but it was perfect for making mud pies, chocolate mousse and garden salads. I recently found out that my brother had broken the concrete table in a fit of anger once, I was very surprised, as I’ve spent my life believing his version of a coincidental lightning strike!

Remembering stories like this never fails to cheer me up, we by no means had the perfect childhood – but thinking back to the simple joys of playing outside with no worries other than whether we can have ice cream for tea somehow seems to make all the bad bits of life look temporarily inferior. I think we’ve probably all had moments where we wish we could go back to a simpler time, or forwards to a hopefully more exciting one, but I feel like having good and bad times is what makes life interesting. If only it could be a little less one-sided!