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Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington


So it’s been awhile since my last post, but I mentioned a follow up to Jim’s Skills – so without further ado, here is Rosie’s section!


When we first got Rosie, she was a lot shier than Jim, and she spent the first hours inside her carrier – where she had been kept all her life before the RSPCA found her. When she finally came out though, she got a bit braver everyday. Rosie was only 2 then, so she still had a lot of kittenish traits (she still does at five and a half!) and it wasn’t long before she wanted to explore.


The way that I connected with her was through playIMG_4924.JPG. Continue reading “Klever Kitties – Part two – Rosie Stubington”

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Making maps and offending countries

I will first make a disclaimer apologising for my abysmal lack of geographical skills and mistake of drawing maps in permanent pen.

I have a book where I try to teach myself about world history and geography. Today’s challenge was looking at the formation and breakup of Yugoslavia – something I have been curious about for a while. However, it turns out I am very bad at drawing maps…

What I was aspiring to create… 

So far I have: literally boosted turkey (or at least the blob representing it) up in the world so that it sits next to Romania; completely removed about 4 countries, swapped over Slovenia and Slovakia (they had the same first 3 letters on my abbreviated map); turned Austria into what looks like a slipper (paired with a high-heeled Italy and you have an argument for renaming Europe “the international shoe shop”) and finally, and perhaps worst of all, completely forgotten about Moldova.

I think I may have just offended half of Europe.

My project is nearly done now but from this point onwards, you can be sure that my printer will be working a lot harder…

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Rosie’s week

’tis my blog now

Hello! This is a Blog Takeover, by me – your supreme leader Rosie!IMG_3605.JPG

Some strange people visited this week (they were referred to as children) so I took it as an opportunity to recruit some new servants.i need.jpg

I’ve also been showing off my Bikini Belly as practice for the summer holidays.IMG_3697.JPG

I worked very hard to get that fluff, I deserve to flaunt it!

IMG_3714.JPGThat said, there’s been a few chilly days, haven’t there?


Unfortunately, we have a bit of a Tom Cat infestation at the moment. Probably dragged here by my womanly wiles… I’ve been staying alert though.


Watch duty is hard work! Good job I can do it horizontally.


I still find time for a good bath though. Here I am drying off.


Well, I’m off!

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Rosie Stubington – Queen of Cuddles

IMG_3703.JPG Rosie has a little habit. Just before I need to do something important, she will start crying. How can a cat cry, you ask? With heart wrenching skill. Meeew! Meew meew!IMG_3731.JPG Next, she struts over to my bed and waits for me to sit down and welcome her up.

IMG_3322.JPG Of course, I oblige and pat the duvet. Up she pops and now it’s a little “brrr” as she spins round and pushes her tail into my face.IMG_2670.JPG Now I have to lie down so that she can ram her bottom onto my tummy before a collapse and slide. Now she is sat with her tail and bottom perched on my waist and my body curled around her .

IMG_2671.JPG This is how we stay for quite a while with a lot of cheek rubbing and head stroking, along with some nose nuzzling. Oh and also some face dusting. Tails are tickly (hehehehehe).IMG_3332.JPG Oh Rosie!

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Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!

Today I have got a very rare non-cat related post for you!

I was nominated by Brenda and Buddy (a beautiful cat) for the Liebster Award! You can find both of them here, and I would definitely recommend paying a visit! (Although make sure you do it privately as Rosie and Jim seem to get a little jealous of me cooing at all the cute kitty photos…) Continue reading “Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!”

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Sibling Attack

My two brothers have been home for a week now, and I find myself rapidly adapting to this sudden change. I am now in the habit of checking the toilet before I sit to avoid falling through a seat-less portal (despite the argument that both genders have a use for seat down while only one has a user for seat up, so by the rules of statistics it’s default position should be down) and rejoicing when I don’t have to use a toilet roll laden hand to correct it. Continue reading “Sibling Attack”

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Bake off Escapades

I had a very dramatic start to the week; Monday was the final of a bake off I entered.  The try outs had been very busy, with many people bringing cakes, cookies and even pie in to be judged, and on first appearances, my cake was rather boring. I made a black forest gateau, deceptively simple until I made it completely vegan!

To cut a long story short, I got through to the next round – yay! But this brought a new set of challenges. Continue reading “Bake off Escapades”