cropped-dscf6951.jpgHello and welcome to my blog!

I am going to write about my two cats, favourite books and interesting recipes – as well as anything that seems to be worth writing about! I do quite a lot of cooking and make my own recipes – some of which go very wrong! The rest of my time is spent looking after my two cats, studying and reading. The aim of this blog is to be able to share the interesting (or un-interesting) things I find in the world and hopefully entertain you – and myself! So expect updates on Rosie and Jim (cats), recipes, strange crafts and book reviews!

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      1. I am happy I could help make your day better. I never thought I’d be a cat person…but I am now. To eight! All with unique personalities. I hope your days keep improving! In the mean time here are some flowers❀❀❀ Best, Koko

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  1. Rosie and Jim look sweet. My cat Buddy Foster came from a shelter as well. I got him five months ago. He is five years old and the love of my life. He has his own blog, and helping him write it has become a hobby for me. Visit us some time. I am now following you. I love all things cat.

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