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Making maps and offending countries

I will first make a disclaimer apologising for my abysmal lack of geographical skills and mistake of drawing maps in permanent pen.

I have a book where I try to teach myself about world history and geography. Today’s challenge was looking at the formation and breakup of Yugoslavia – something I have been curious about for a while. However, it turns out I am very bad at drawing maps…

What I was aspiring to create… 

So far I have: literally boosted turkey (or at least the blob representing it) up in the world so that it sits next to Romania; completely removed about 4 countries, swapped over Slovenia and Slovakia (they had the same first 3 letters on my abbreviated map); turned Austria into what looks like a slipper (paired with a high-heeled Italy and you have an argument for renaming Europe “the international shoe shop”) and finally, and perhaps worst of all, completely forgotten about Moldova.

I think I may have just offended half of Europe.

My project is nearly done now but from this point onwards, you can be sure that my printer will be working a lot harder…

Please let me know what you think!

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