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Klever Kitties!

I will start by admitting how difficult it was for my perfectionist side to spell clever with a “K”… Moving on!

When my brother first met our cats, he point blank refused to call them by their names. Instead, Rosies ginger and black triangles earned her the name “Pizza Face”…pizza face.jpg

And Jim’s fabulous face accessories/eyebrows/forehead whiskers landed him with “Einstein”.

Einstein.jpgHowever, this got me thinking about how, in my opinion, they are both rather clever. Two little geniuses, if you like.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not claiming to be unbiased. In fact, I feel rather like a proud mother looking at their child vaguely human-like paint splodge and declaring them the next picasso. However, taking into account the difference in species and age, they are definitely intelligent.

Jim Van Gogh’s  recreation of the Sunflower painting.

No – Jim has not recently sat me down and explained relativity. We both decided to leave that to the real Einstein, but he does have a knack for human emotions. If there’s a stressed groan or runaway tear in our house, he hunts down the owner in minutes and fixes the problem within seconds.

Stress? Is that Human for relax?

I have had many a day where nothing has cured me of a bad mood, only to return home and have my frown melted off my face by a single “Mew”.


He is also good at recognising when he is the cause of the stress – i.e. when he eats the entire pot of stew or batch of brownies on the side.

No worries! I’ve got a shoe ready to bring down!

This then triggers his “I’m sorry” act. A few minutes after his telling off, there will be a tell tale “Brow… Bruuuuuuuuow…..Brrrrrrroooooowwwww”.

Nope. Not a mouse thank goodness. Jim likes sorry slippers. If he has been naughty, we will be awarded a sock, shoe, slipper, teddy or various hygiene tool (toilet roll, face wipe, makeup brush, hair bobble). This will be dropped off in the sitting room as he sits and yells for attention. Of course, he is given a showering of praise and affection and all his wrongs are instantly forgotten.

The only problem is, he’s now started bringing things down as compensation for something naughty he will do. That way, he’s covered for later if opportunity arises. It’s quite an effective way of predicting a bolognese heist.

As you can see, Jim was particularly naughty this day and did a lot of apologising.

The best present we have received so far is a five foot shark teddy which was so heavy that it got dropped at the top of the stairs instead of downstairs. His attempts to bring down a gorilla toy twice his size was also rather funny and required him to stop and hop over the top every now and again to get a better grip.

I’m sorry for eating your pecan pie (and for spitting the pecans out onto the floor – they’re yucky).


Now if you can look me in the eye and tell me you could manipulate someone like that then I will eat my cat-themed hat and take back the “my cat’s a genius” claim.

I will also note that Rosie is a genius too! Keep an eye out for my next post which will be focused around her excellent success with human training.



10 thoughts on “Klever Kitties!

  1. Yes I agree, my four have various part time jobs where they exercise their superior intellect, supermodels, philosophers, weather girls….obviously I’m not biased at all!

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    1. Hello! I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit admittedly – we have a lot going on at home at the moment – but I will get to it this week:) That was just the motivation I needed!


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