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Rosie Stubington – Queen of Cuddles

IMG_3703.JPG Rosie has a little habit. Just before I need to do something important, she will start crying. How can a cat cry, you ask? With heart wrenching skill. Meeew! Meew meew!IMG_3731.JPG Next, she struts over to my bed and waits for me to sit down and welcome her up.

IMG_3322.JPG Of course, I oblige and pat the duvet. Up she pops and now it’s a little “brrr” as she spins round and pushes her tail into my face.IMG_2670.JPG Now I have to lie down so that she can ram her bottom onto my tummy before a collapse and slide. Now she is sat with her tail and bottom perched on my waist and my body curled around her .

IMG_2671.JPG This is how we stay for quite a while with a lot of cheek rubbing and head stroking, along with some nose nuzzling. Oh and also some face dusting. Tails are tickly (hehehehehe).IMG_3332.JPG Oh Rosie!

11 thoughts on “Rosie Stubington – Queen of Cuddles

  1. No, I don’t ask how a cat can cry — ESPECIALLY, right when you are about to do something. I said, “Oh, I know exactly! That happens to me all the time.” It is like they KNOW you are about to do something. And they have this ability to STOP you from doing anything! Sigh.

    Great pictures of a beautiful girl!

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      1. Well, I believe that THEY (cats) believe we are doing the best thing we can be doing in the whole world when we stop whatever (silly thing we were doing or we were going to do) and just pet them or pay attention to them. That is our highest calling. So to them it is very productive. 🙂

        It that first picture I really feel Rosie is saying, “Aren’t I cute?”


    1. Haha:D I think in may be familiar with that look… Jim goes as far as to protest when we give attention to anyone else – stroke poor Rosie and he’ll start showing off his belly in a desperate attempt to get some of the fussing for himself!

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