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Making sacrifices

IMG_3266.JPGMy apologies for the poor quality, but there’s a rather lovely story behind it!

This photo is from when Rosie paid a visit to her favourite holiday home – my wardrobe.IMG_9865

For some reason, there is nothing more irresistible to a cat than a wardrobe.
IMG_6053.JPGWardrobes bring cat families together. I mean, have you ever seen cats share? I hadn’t until I opened my wardrobe.


So, with two happy cats in my wardrobe, and a new fur covered style in all my clothes (not to mention little holes from being kneaded on), I decided that this wardrobe was more use to them than me. I mean, it is currently used to store dressed. I don’t think I’ve worn a dress since primary school.

My wardrobe has now been converted into a little Kitty Cave (no, I will not spell cave incorrectly, even for the sake of alliteration). There is a selection of cuddly teddys and a fluffy blanket stacked up on a mini beanbag / the squishy part of a lap tray. A large number of clothes have also been moved out to make some extra space.┬áThe cats LOVE it! Rosie comes and jumps in (or climbs in depending on how many drawers are left carefully opened) then spends (literally) hours exploring sock piles and neatly stacked jumpers before settling down on a pair of jeans or a soft hoodie. She will stay here for so long, without a single sound, that when my sister visited, she once trapped poor Rosie inside! Luckily, she was fast asleep during this traumatic experience and greeted a rather flustered me with a very calm purr as if to say, “Oh yes, I’m here! Did I not mention that while you were running up and down the street screaming my name?”


It kind of made me think of my mother. There have been many a time when I have sat in disbelief thinking about her. She asked me a question the other day, and this question was, “How do you think of me?”

Now, I am a very career orientated person, intent on making a point that my gender need not hold me back and that stereotypes are outdated. So naturally, children and staying at home are nowhere near my agenda. My Mother, however, left her job as a nurse to look after five (yes, five) children – several of whom developed chronic conditions. For this reason, I have to regularly remind her that, “No, you did not stop working, you started working even harder than before but stopped getting paid!”

So my answer to her question was that I thought she was incredible, and that I seriously don’t think I could ever do what she does. My Mum has made so many sacrifices for us, and they are all a lot bigger than clearing some wardrobe space!

Parents are the most selfless creatures on this planet and I find myself often marvelling at how someone can do so much for other people.


However, in a way, Little Rose is like a child to me! And yes, there is that small issue of species, and no, I don’t usually get people coming up to us going, “OOOH! She’s got your nose!”, but Rosie has given me a little insight into my Parents world. I think there is not a thing on earth I wouldn’t do to keep her safe, even if it meant she was a bit cross with me for a bit (*cough cough* flea treatment *cough cough* vet), because I genuinely feel the same way about animals as I do humans, and she has been such a good friend to me!


What an odd post! Comparing cats to children! Oh, I’ve got to go, Rosie is crying and she wants to have a hug/ play / food. Wait a minute….

6 thoughts on “Making sacrifices

  1. Hahaha so funny
    When I saw this article I was thinking about my mom, she’ll get so mad if my cat will mess around inside her wardrobe OMG
    Anyway, I must say that your cat it’s amazing she definitely own your space !

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  2. They’re adorable! My four are convinced that my wardrobe is actually a portal to a wondrous cat world and it’s not…really..

    Liked by 1 person

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