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Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!

Today I have got a very rare non-cat related post for you!

I was nominated by Brenda and Buddy (a beautiful cat) for the Liebster Award! You can find both of them here, and I would definitely recommend paying a visit! (Although make sure you do it privately as Rosie and Jim seem to get a little jealous of me cooing at all the cute kitty photos…)



It’s always nice to know that our funny mixed-species family of three can bring a little joy to this world, and Rosie has a never ending ego which can always do with a boost, so we all say a big THANK YOU!! (or rather “mew mew meeeeeeeow brouw prrrrr mew rawrrr” Kitty-Catonese is a complicated language).

So, I am told there is a special order for this, which is ever so good as I love well-organized things. I’ve got a picture of the “rules” above too as I, rather excitingly, get to nominate some more blogs.

I have got 10 questions to ponder about here, courtesy of Brenda:

  1. What do you enjoy writing most – poetry, stories…?
  2. If you could write like one famous author, who would it be?
  3. Who would you like to have lunch with if you could choose anyone in the world?
  4. What do you enjoy reading most?
  5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  6. Do you like cats? Why or why not?
  7. What would you change in your life if you could?
  8. Is there one thing about yourself you would like to change?
  9. What kind of blogs do you follow?
  10. What makes you happy?

1 – I enjoy writing poetry a lot, but I can usually only write anything half decent when i’m going through a rough patch, as it’s the only time I have enough emotion and passion to channel into it. So the rest of the time, I enjoy writing novel – like things (none of which get finished). Just like reading, I can find myself getting lost in the story, but the best bit is I can control where I go in my little brain world.

2 – Oh goodness! That’s very hard… I’ll answer the other ones while I think.

Right, I’ve acquired some help from my bookshelf and I’m going to cheat by making my own author.

The humour of Bill Bryson

The scientific genius of Andy Weir

The amazing character insight of Graeme Simsion

The careful storyline planning of Katie Dale

The pure horror and just… wow… of Kevin Brooks in “The Bunker Diary”

And about 80,000 other skills too.

3 – I would have lunch with my Grandma, Grandad and Brother because I haven’t seen them for a while and miss them more than I admire any famous author or actor.

4 – I can never decide on the issue of  fiction vs non-fiction. Fiction is a much needed escape from reality and it can very helpfully envelop you in the story, however, I love learning more about the world I live in – and have always been fascinated by medicine and the human body. For this reason, I often say my favourite book is a textbook on physiology…. A bit more complicated to explain that just saying, “Harry  Potter”.

I also love books based around someones life experiences though. One of my favourite books ever is “Girl Interrupted”, bu Susanna Kaysen which explores her experiences of borderline personality disorder on a psychiatric ward.

And I’m also a fan of science magazines…. Which is probably my Grandad’s influence!

5 – I have put a great deal of thought into this in the past, finally arriving at Sweden. Now I could fill a whole post with the reasons why (hmm… that gives me an idea) but essentially, it’s because they are friendly to both the environment and each other. I’m a bit of an eco-freak, so this fits in with me well. Like I say, that is just one of the many reasons (I mean, I haven’t even mentioned ABBA yet!)

6 – Hmmmm…. I feel like I don’t even need to answer this.


Oh my, just look at that manicure!
Nooooo don’t make me watch The Notebook again…. I have allergies *sniffle*


Yes, I like cats. Just a bit.

And as for why, it’s a similar case to Sweden (goodness me, you’ve practically planned my next year of posts). I love cats because they have so much personality. They have their own little quirks, likes, dislikes and habits and they make a show of letting you know about it. I also love their independence and, for lack of a better word, stubbornness! A cat will do what a cat wants to do. They are basically furry teenagers.

7 – I would change something about my family’s lives to change my life. I would make it so that my brother and sister never got ill because there are so many things they have not been able to do because of it. (I would also love to have looked after Rosie and Jim from when they were a kitten so that they never got abused by the nasty people we rescued them from).

8 – I would change a lot about myself. First, I would like to be less of a perfectionist and gain a little confidence. I would also like to be less reclusive as all three of those things have only held me back. My final change would be to recover from a condition I have struggled with since I was 9, and undo the damage it has already caused. Jim has contributed that he would like to make me less resistant to his cute face so that he could get more breakfast.

9 – Most of the blogs I follow are, admittedly, cat related! But I also follow a few interesting cooking blogs, education blogs and some that just cheer me up! It’s nice to have a little insight into other people’s worlds.

10 – What makes me happy? Lots! I did a whole post on a similar topic actually (sneaky self-advertising link here!). As summary though, I would say that cats are a big contributing force. I also love learning new things, science is one of my greatest passions! Animals of any type are the one thing guaranteed to cheer me up, but my family are also invaluable. Then, if everything is just a bit rubbish, I always enjoy snuggling up with a hot water bottle, furry knee-topper and good book (and soup).



Now, I believe I owe you 11 facts!

1 – I help out on a teaching website called Socratic and am a founder of Anatomy and Physiology, Pre-algebra and Astrophysics.

2 – I collect washi tape and animal themed socks (I currently have four different fox pairs).

3 – I am very bad at being a girl, and usually get on better with boys thanks to being raised by my brother for most of my childhood.

4 – Before I had cats, I was mummy to two ducks.

5 – I colour in postcards as a relaxation technique then send them off to my siblings who have all spread out across britain.

6 – I have a scar on my foot from a blister I got walking around a theme park, and weirdly, it makes me happy each time I see it and remember my day with Charlie (my brother).

7 – I am learning to speak German and really love it:)

8 – I am scared of feathers but feel safer when I am above ground than on ground.

9 – I am actually very organised and love tidying.

10 – For some reason, I always take my left sock off when I sit down, and I don’t even notice it. Needless to say, I have a lot of odd socks.

11 – I hate sharing blankets as it makes me feel trapped.

12 – I love the rain, and my favourite weather is wind.

13 – I am learning to code

14 – I am right handed but eat and shoot a rifle (don’t worry, only tin cans and old action men) with my left hand.

15 – I don’t like hot food, and prefer everything cold (even porridge, which I make the night before so it can be icy cold out of the fridge).

16 – I like to do everything in groups of five and am obsessed with the number 25. It makes me feel safe:)

17 – I study anatomy and physiology in my spare time but I don’t actually want a medical career.

18- I eat cucumber when I feel sick.

19 – Earings really freak me out.

20 – I love lists so much that 11 items quickly become 15…


I would like to nominate 5 blogs. There are other blogs I would like to nominate, but as you can see by fact 16, I really love 5.

Katzenworld – Tune in on a tuesday for Marc’s signature post – Tummy Rub Tuesday! Rosie and Jim have had a couple of debuts here and it really is art at it’s finest (p.s. my mum is a huge fan of this blog too, and always chuckles away when Jim shows his belly calling it a TRT moment).

Creek view – This blog belongs to several cats and dogs. This makes for the most hilarious, amazing viewpoint that has me in stitches.

Three cat yard – The cats on this blog are truly magnificent. It makes me think of my little fluffball at home and it’s always a treat to just hear how they are doing. Seriously, within a week, you will feel like Rhea, Davout, Anna and Harrison are your own little fur babies.

Robynchristi – The one word for this blog is just hilarious. A fellow fabulously british blogger, Robyn creates unique and original posts that will make you feel like, actually, you are not as weird as you think, and in fact, the world is rather brilliant.

Garden to Kitchen – With Suz – I love gardening, and this is a brilliant blog if you do too. Suz not only explores her plant’s childhood, but also provides endless tasty recipes to use up your gardens jewels. It’s great to see some proper, wholesome meals made with honest ingredients. My Grandma would approve!

I will also throw out a mention to Prosperity and Calamities. The only reason you don’t have a paragraph is my multiple of five rule! This blog has it all; cats, books and some little wisdom pearls too!

To be honest though, I follow all of the blogs I follow for a reason! So you are all worth an award:)

Now, here are your questions:

1 – What is your favourite meal?

2 – What is your accomplishment that you are most proud of?

3 – Are you a messy or tidy person?

4 – Who do you rely and trust the most in your life?

5 – What is your favourite form of entertainment?

6 – What would you do on your ideal day?

7 – What do you look for in a blog?

8 – What would you like to learn more about?

9 – What is one thing that you would change about the world we live in?

10 – Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

4 thoughts on “Some strange facts about me and The Liebster Award!

  1. So glad you accepted and responded to the award. I’m glad to know more about you – you sound like an interesting person. Don’t we all have those quirks? I simply cannot eat certain things with a a spoon – the food rolling off the tines of the fork make it seem so much tastier.
    I follow Katzenworld, too. I had a poem about Buddy posted on Zatzenworld recently. Here’s the link. Buddy says Meoooow to Jim and Rosie.


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