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Sibling Attack

My two brothers have been home for a week now, and I find myself rapidly adapting to this sudden change. I am now in the habit of checking the toilet before I sit to avoid falling through a seat-less portal (despite the argument that both genders have a use for seat down while only one has a user for seat up, so by the rules of statistics it’s default position should be down) and rejoicing when I don’t have to use a toilet roll laden hand to correct it.

I am used to ask the leftovers being snatched, and now hide anything worth eating. My admittedly noisy tooth brushing routine has been moved to the downstairs toilet to adhere to there 12 p.m. wake up schedule, and I have made my sink cleaning checkups significantly more frequent.

The introduction of siblings also brings along a new form of humour. While you might imagine a bunch of grown up students to enjoy political jokes and intelligent puns, it is more often an increase in year 7 toilet and sex humour. Which is sad, as I am a fan of intellectual puns and not so much: “huhuhuhu…. POOP!”.


However, siblings are good for company, I will admit. It’s nice to have someone to ramble at, or sit with or just be in the same room as. They always return with plenty of stories too from the exotic land of Lancaster or Nottingham. I get to hear about strange new scientific developments and rowdy parties (although it is more often about the avoidance of these that I hear, luckily).


The big problem comes in the evening. My Mum likes to have some “family time” when we are all at home which usually means a film. Issue detected. When you have 7 family members, there is not a chance on earth (or space) that you will find a film everyone likes. Here is an example:
Emma – “What about The Moomins.”

Thomas – “Not a chance – there are no explosions. Transformers would be much better.”

Mum – “Seriously? It’s just meaningless killing. We should be watching something uplifting, like The Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

Emma – “Except we’re not fifty”

Mum – “Well I am!”

Charlie (my 21 year old brother).- “I want to watch Disney!”

Me – “Charlie, if you make me sit through another Disney Princess film I swear I will…..”

Jo – “A ROMCOM!”

Me – “Great, because I luuuuve watching stereotypes kiss and break up for an hour. We should watch The Excorcist!”

*Everyone look at Jo.*

*Flashback to various children’s cartoons with various green villains.*

*Flashback to certain family member shaking and crying.*

*Flashback to eardrum-perforating screams.*

Emma – “What about The Moomins?”


It usually ends up with us all falling out and sitting in separate rooms doing completely different things. Or, watching someone else’s choice, moaning about how awful it was, then secretly watching it on YouTube every single day, crying at it’s magnificence (until said sibling walks in and you suddenly remember that awful film we watched the other day, gosh wasn’t it awful?).

Please let me know what you think!

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