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Bake off Escapades

I had a very dramatic start to the week; Monday was the final of a bake off I entered.  The try outs had been very busy, with many people bringing cakes, cookies and even pie in to be judged, and on first appearances, my cake was rather boring. I made a black forest gateau, deceptively simple until I made it completely vegan!

To cut a long story short, I got through to the next round – yay! But this brought a new set of challenges.

I had to make the same cake again but while being watched (scary) – this is to make sure a baker/ Sainsbury’s / my Mum hadn’t made the first one for me. So I got to work making some jam, even squeezing the orange juice myself (what can I say – all out!). Then it all got packed away in a bag ready for Monday before I realised that my cream filling – made from pretty much 100% coconut cream – was going to be rather coconut-less. Yup, I’d forgotten to get some. After deliberately writing it on the list, then also being super prepared and writing on coconut cream light on ready for my curry, I ended up only getting light coconut milk. This is basically useless for making coconut cream. At this point it was also the night before bake off, and my coconut milk had to sit overnight in the fridge. This is when I had to recruit my Mum. Fun fact – there is nothing a mum can’t fix. Please remember that.


So my SuperMum set off to save the day, whizzing off on a Sunday night to the 24 hour tesco after we had tirelessly roamed the internet to make sure it was available. I got to work cleaning and making tea as a thank you, and had just popped the kettle on when SuperMum returned with….. No coconut cream. Mission Fail.

It turns out, Tesco is 24 hours every day except for Sunday.

So, I had to make coconut cream with no coconut cream…

After a lot of panicking though, I found a way. Instead of using milk, I used plain coconut cream. Turns out it’s exactly the same! What a load of fuss over nothing.


I’m sure you will be glad to know that in the end, I actually managed to get some coconut milk and used this along with my creation. It worked surprisingly well, and I finished 40 minutes early so helped everyone else wash up (no one was that bothered about being competitive). I don’t know if I was placed yet, but I have got my cake back. Of course, the first slice went to SuperMum, then my sister and Dad.

The previous rounds cake had also been shared with our Post woman, who has graciously delivered large quantities of postcards to my siblings for a very long time now. We had a brief conversation via a piece of paper passed back and forth through the letter box which was great fun, and I can now address my notes to Julie instead of “Dear Post woman” – which felt a little rude.


Oh, one final thing just to agitate everyone – I then brought the cake with me to unload onto my friends. My house has been rather full of cake recently thanks to me practicing, so the thought of eating another black forest gateau was a bit daunting. I had gathered a rather impressive crowd (amazing what people will do for chocolate and cake) and was carefully placing a slice on a cute owl napkin when….. I dropped the whole cake on the floor! What a disaster!


For the real Great British Bake Off, click here.



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