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Rosie’s Beanbag

IMG_7394.JPGWell, I’m sat here with about 5cm of beanbag between me and the floor – which is funny considering I was the first one to sit on it. As usual, the moment I sat down, along came Rosie. She quickly hopped up and nestled into side, then slowly spread out.IMG_4222.JPG

It’s very clever, you don’t really notice at first, but soon enough, she’s pushed you off.

A very steady¬†force that could easily be mistaken for pure desire to be close. Yet it’s sole aim is to claim the bean bag (or sofa, or chair, or computer etc) for herself. Of course, today I made it a little easier (getting up to brush my teeth). I was careful to not disturb her, yet when I came back, low and behold, my big stretch of seat had been reduced to a mere edge. I am very slowly falling off, and my arm is having to find space resting on Rosie’s back – something that feels a little risky as she gives me the odd glare.

Welll, I have reached my discomfort threshold. I’m off to give in to a cat. Not to worry, I’m sure the cold tile floor is¬†just as soft and supportive as my beanbag.IMG_6639.JPG

2 thoughts on “Rosie’s Beanbag

    1. Rosie seems to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.
      Sometimes she will quite happily flop down and sleep (for a whole day), but sometimes just the sight of one drives her to insanity and she is rolling around trying to remove it from existence.
      Of course, whenever I am sat on it she (naturally) needs to be there immediately (stretched out to ensure maximum coverage).

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