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Sibling Attack

My two brothers have been home for a week now, and I find myself rapidly adapting to this sudden change. I am now in the habit of checking the toilet before I sit to avoid falling through a seat-less portal (despite the argument that both genders have a use for seat down while only one has a user for seat up, so by the rules of statistics it’s default position should be down) and rejoicing when I don’t have to use a toilet roll laden hand to correct it. Continue reading “Sibling Attack”

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Bake off Escapades

I had a very dramatic start to the week; Monday was the final of a bake off I entered.  The try outs had been very busy, with many people bringing cakes, cookies and even pie in to be judged, and on first appearances, my cake was rather boring. I made a black forest gateau, deceptively simple until I made it completely vegan!

To cut a long story short, I got through to the next round – yay! But this brought a new set of challenges. Continue reading “Bake off Escapades”