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Birthdays and memories

We were all home last weekend for my brother and mum’s birthday. It’s lively to see everyone, and I’m glad we still celebrated together. My mum has recently discovered Snapchat (this is hilarious, as we all get pictures of her passing with a cat, myth of tea or my dad), so I managed to combine her two favourite things by getting her a cat “selfie” book! We also have a bit of a tradition. We used to visit a beautiful garden near our house every weekend, and they had a beautiful gift shop. Both me and my mum were admiring a lovely ceramic blue tit model – painted in pastels with the clay textured to feel like the feathers of a tiny bird. We both loved it, but there was only one! So, without my mum knowing, I quickly bought it and stashed it ready for her birthday. Her reaction was priceless when she realised what it was. Since then, I have found the little birds all over the country, with lots of different species and styles. This year was marked with a little robin I found up in the peak district a while ago.

For some reason, as my family debated whether to have crumble or ice cream for pudding, it reminded me of my childhood dream. Just after my sister went to university, I sat in her flat and proudly announced that I was going to go to university when I was older and that I would east two scoops of ice cream for breakfast. Then, after a great deal of consideration, I revoked my statement, and told everyone that two scoops of ice cream would not be a proper breakfast – instead, I would eat half a slice of toast, and one scoop of ice cream!
Ah, the mind of a child:)

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