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Quick hello and quick jam

Just a quick hello I’m afraid.

I’ve been trying to get all prepared for the new school year. My room is nice and tidy now, and I’ve got all my textbooks organised (mostly). I had assigned a drawer for desktop aid (staplers, spare paper, pens, essential rhubarb and custard sweets – that sort of thing), but Rosie decided it had been assigned to her. To be honest, I do agree that she is an essential work aid.

I have also been busy harvesting all the fruit and vegetables that are cropping up. All the beans are doing well, although the mange tout is starting to slow. The onions are huge, so this weekend’s soup was onion and garlic – mmmm…  The only problem there has been is with the sweetcorn. Whilst I  am aware that it is delicious, I also feel the insects could have showed a little more self restraint before ripping it to shred

I’m very pleased with the fruit this year though, whilst the berries dried up a while ago, the plums have come into their prime phase, and we have pears for the first time in years since our tree got infected. However, after leaving a very large bowl full of plums on the table, there were still a few going soft today. So, I tried a little experiment. When I was young, my grandma used to teach me how to make jam. I remember it being a very long, trivial process full of adding sugar and stirring. Well, I wanted to get some physics revision done, so I was only going to give up 10 minutes and a small amount of space. So, the plums got stuck in the microwave with some sugar and cinnamon. About 15 minutes later, I had a pot full of spiced, slightly tart, slightly sweet jam – which got the thumbs up from everyone who tried it. I had no idea what would happen, so I didn’t keep track of anything. But I will try to recreate it so I can let you know (probably a bit boring, but it might interest someone).

That’s all I have time for, early bed for me:) More soon.

Please let me know what you think!

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