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A day in the life of Jim Stubington

Jim – Jimble – Jibble – Jib Jib – Jib Jub – Jub Jub – Furry boy – Big rug -the list goes on, poor thing . I’m not sure he knows what his name is!IMG_3615

Jim is probably one of the most tolerant cats you will ever meet. He loves attention, and is such a gentle giant (emphasis on the giant, despite the vet insisting he is a healthy weight). His hobbies include sitting on people’s knees, purring from some place deep inside (you feel it instead of hearing it), begging for attention, stealing attention from Rosie, chasing non-existent mice and attempting to steal food … oh, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping!

He’s a creature of habit, so a typical day for Jim goes something like this:


Wake up and wait by the door for me to come downstairs


Attempt to escape upstairs so he can wake everyone up, but then realise he hasn’t been fed yet so come running back sheepishly

Just time for a morning coffee
Just time for a morning coffee

Yell until he gets fed, then brush round your legs and trip you up several times before demolishing all but five pieces of his breakfast. (which he makes up for by stalking our cereal).


Then it’s a three minute dash to the loo outside (AKA the middle of my flower patch, yes Jim, I recognise that cat shaped spot of flattened marigolds)


Find a lap to sleep on, even if it is just while the lap owner ties their shoelaces.


Bring on Nap Time!!!

IMG_7973 IMG_8206 IMG_8343Still snoozing…

DSCF6972 (2)Then, if he feels like it, he’ll go for a little adventure




Mad moment with some toys


Time for tea


Spots the prey




In for the catch




What a happy chappie:)

(Don’t worry, tea is usually kitty kibble, this was when my brother visited – as you can see, he isn’t familiar with the term “diet”)

Then it’s finding ways to distract us while he steals the rest of our tea


But afterwards, he feels guilty, so runs upstairs to drag a “I’m sorry teddy” down.


Then it’s back up to find a comfy bed, or a friendly hand…


… before a quick evening drink (he’s ever so predictable)


Settling down for the night

So there you go, a day in the life of Jim:)

This was a three day project, after Jim got jealous of Rosie’s post, so hopefully he will be happy now!

3 thoughts on “A day in the life of Jim Stubington

  1. He looks so much like my cat, it’s crazy! Though mine are not nearly as tolerant… I try to put a hat on the vast, he tries to eat it.

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    1. I was having the same conversation with my mum the other day when I showed her your blog! Jim isn’t a fan of hats, but he got the Santa one in his stocking and for some reason loves it! He rolls around, shoves his head at it and licks it…. We might need to ask father Christmas to make sure the catnip toys are kept separate to the hats

      Liked by 1 person

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