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Hunting for berries

wpid-snapseed-01.jpegStrawberry season is coming to an end, and giving way for the vegetable show, but we’ve still got a few hidden raspberries in our little patch. It’s been my job to make sure all the berries get picked, so I’ve become a master at berry hunting. Little red jewels in a forest of overgrown green, they seem determined to hide from me.


Jim likes to come and “help”. This involves sitting in the sunny patch by the raspberries and rolling over. He did give a strawberry a test sniff once, but decided he would be a fine young gentleman and leave the strawberries to us humans. Rosie likes to dash in and out, pretending there is a scary monster (aka the wind) chasing her. Luckily, they are always very careful and somehow manage to dodge all the fallen strawberries. We had a few weeks of daily strawberries and cream, then progressed to dot them on anything for decoration (like chocolate cake)wpid-2015-08-03_12.05.51.jpg

Home-grown always tastes better:)

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