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A day in the life of Rosie Stubington


I am sorry I have not written in so long, but as usual, work has been getting in the way. I had been working on a big post for quite a while, before realising that I didn’t have a way of getting all the necessary content at this moment in time. However, it is now officially the start of my summer holiday, so I should be more active:) For the first time in six years, I will be going on holiday. My family and I used to go to Cornwall each year. We would stay in a little farmyard cottage and walk down to the strawberry farm to pick the most delicious fruit you will ever taste! However, this year, i will be staying in the lake district for a week. It’s  such a beautiful place, that just being there is holiday enough. This does mean that Rosie and Jim will be on their own. To combat this, we have a cat-sitter coming to meet them this week. This means I can train her in the complex art of caring for Rosie:) it will be very hard leaving my little fur babies for the first time without a member of the family being there, but it is good to know someone will be checking up on them (and making sure they haven’t destroyed the house!).

Rosie is being very affectionate at the moment. Every weekend, I read in bed for an hour or so if i have time, and it never takes more than ten minutes before Rosie has hopped up beside me. She then proceeds to purr very loudly and push herself up against me.


Today we had a big drama (in Rosie world it was, at least). The weather decided to be completely horrible and there was a small gust… Sorry, huge vicious tornado. Rosie did her best to stay calm, but soon there came a plaintive “MEW”. I rushed outside, my heart racing as I imagined Rosie in five hundred different life or death situations, to find her sat outside screaming her head off. She spotted me and came trotting over for a stroke and comforting rub. She let me know about the terrifying wind then I was roped into following her round outside so she could explore without getting scared. If ingot too far away from her, she would let out a little cry and come running back until I followed again. Oh Rosie, I do worry about you.

The other day, Rosie decided to follow up her “get fit” new years resolution (she’s doing better than me) by trying out kitty yoga. Once sat on her yoga-bean-bag-mat/throne, she tried out her best moves.

You are a tree…. Stretch your branches and breeeeathe!


To the right…

To the left….

And clap!

Look at this tummy! I don’t need yoga, in beautiful already:)

I deserve a rest… That’s enough exercise for today… And tomorrow.

Right, well Rosie’s off now. There’s a box in the sitting rooms with her name (and flaw marks) on it.

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