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Hot, Hot, Hot! Let’s have a moan about the weather:)

Just a quick post today as I’m preparing for one later in the week (think peanut butter… this is why it’s taking so long, I do have peanut butter limits for taste testing).

I’m sat here right now semi-melted. For anyone in the UK, the heat wave we’re having right now seems to be the most interesting thing there is. Just think, it combines weather with moaning! Brilliant, now i just need tea – but it’s too hot for tea! While it may be a long way away from the daily temperatures of places like Africa, changing from 5 degrees and tipping it down to 35 degrees and sunny is a big deal for us brits:)

Why is it so hot right now? Well, naturally I’ve been watching the DSCF6975good old BBC for an update. The heat has arrived due to southerly winds from Spain and Africa where temperatures have been around 40 – 45 degrees. It’s going to clear up towards the end of the week, but right now, I’d be happy just lying outside in my t-shirt and shorts with peaceful ice cream filled daydreams.

The novelty has worn off for Jim though. He is flaked out in the hall trying to stay cool with a big frown on his little face. Rosie is seeking refuge under the table feeling rather smug that she has a white coat while Jim is stuck with a black heat sponge. I will say this though, their water bowls are being used a lot more than usual:) Oh dear, Rosie’s just been sick! The heat must be getting to her, I better go and check she’s ok.IMG_6344

While I’m among the first to have a quick moan (“I’m too hot!” “You’ve stolen my shade” “NOOOOO! Who used the ice cubes up!!!”), it has it’s benefits. I’ve got some colour to my skin for the first time this year, and it isn’t even red! My little plants aren’t happy though. They have been moaning that the ground is too hard and they’re thirsty. Of course, they moan if there’s too much water as well. It’s also the perfect weather for all those treats that usually give you brain freeze. Bring on the ice cold (soy)milkshakes and ice lollies. It sure is nice to be able to leave the house without 5 spare jumpers too.

That said though, I actually miss the rain.

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