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Hello again!

Finally! My exams are over! It has been a very stressful week, and I haven’t had a weekend, evening or holiday for the last month – but I’m reasonably happy with how they all went, so that should work out ok:) So that is why I’ve disappeared, I must admit, I missed writing, and I’m glad it’s all over now! On a better note, the weather’s been lovely, we’ve had beautiful sun recently – but with a refreshing breeze. Lunch has turned into revision and a picnic outside, which is a big step up from shivering in a corner:)

DSCF6976 DSCF7138

Jim has been loving the hot weather and his evenings involve a roll in the sun then a tummy tickle – bliss! However, after about 10 minutes, he has to seek shelter in the shade as his silky, black coat seems to just soak up the heat. He was a bit sick earlier in the week, we think he might have had a bit too much grass after eating a bad shrew. He’s very clever and always seems to know what will make him feel better. There’s been research recently into animals self healing – choosing the right herbs and plants to sort out illnesses. There is a very interesting website from a researcher called Caroline Ingraham. I thought it was quite intriguing! IMG_2345

The flowers are coming up quickly, and my little leeks have been upgraded to the big plant garden. We’ve had a few frosts, so I’m a little worried, but it should be ok.

We recently bought a beanbag chair for the sitting room (sooo comfy), Rosie and Jim agree), but more importantly it came in a HUGE box, big enough for me to crawl into – so you can imagine Rosie’s excitement! Of course, she had to jump on top of it first.

It’s almost summer now, which is always a great time for photos, and nature is at it’s best. I’m hoping to spend some time capturing it a little later in the year, but for now my photography has been focused on cats:)

2 thoughts on “Hello again!

    1. Oh dear! I hope they feel better soon:) I have a friend who went through something similar with crystals, Tigger (the cat) rather enjoyed it though, as the vet prescribed lactose free milk to tempt him into drinking! The phrase “cat that got the cream” springs to mind:)

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