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Broken down cars, exams, pottery painting in the peak district and cats – another week gone.

Hello again! My usual apology and excuse remains the same, (still revising) but I’ve got a few minutes spare so I thought I’d write a post. Exams are getting closer now, so most of my time is spent revising but after the 12th, I’ll be free!

Photo 29-05-2015 14 43 04

Incidentally, that was my reaction the other day when I came shuffling out of school at 3:30. I’d been ill for most of the week, and it was the first day I’d been in school. It probably shouldn’t have though, as I’d felt like I was about to collapse all day. It had been hard enough staying in over lunch, and I’d picked up my phone several times to consider asking to be picked up, so you can imagine I was pretty excited to be going home. Or more specifically, home to my bed. I usually walk part of the way home, but as I was crossing the road, my mum called out (to my horror), as she was parked outside school. The initial reaction was relief, I didn’t have to drag my self down the road, and probably embarrassment at having my mum come and meet me outside school – then it quickly turned to confusion. My sister was in the car, when she was supposed to have gone home after lunch (lucky thing finished her exams before mine have even started!), and we didn’t seem to be going home – just causing a lot of traffic. Then I got the big reveal… my mum and sister had been stuck outside school since lunch. No bed, no hot tea, no home – instead, a long wait in the cold car until the AA came.

The car has been in and out of garages ever since we got it. We’ve never had much luck with cars, so it was no surprise when the previous one broke down. It was at a pretty difficult time though, so we quickly replaced it. However, it seems it would have been better spending more time choosing as after a brief honeymoon period, the car started making strange noises. It then proceeded to slow and stop (several times in the middle of the motorway) and then just stutter and jolt for the rest of the journey. My mum had just picked it up after one of many trips to the garage when it broke down again.

A little cat we saw at the painting barn
A little cat we saw at the painting barn

This time, the handbrake had got stuck. It wouldn’t budge, and the car decided to join it in it’s lack of movement. So, I ended up coughing and sneezing in the ford garage at teatime while we waited for a taxi. Fun times!

Luckily, there was only one more day of school after that. We started the holiday by going up to the peak district to see my Grandparents. This was in celebration of my oldest sisters 23rd birthday – so naturally, we were going to paint plates again! This time, we had an average age of around 40 so fitted right in with the usual crowd of 5 year olds:)  I found a very cool plate though, it was split into three so that I can have a big section for my veggies, and two smaller ones for protein and carbohydrate. I then painted a rainbow of vegetables all round ready to put my tea on. Mature as usual! I think there should be a fourth section for tofu – or possibly custard.

Just a peacock casually strolling about
Just a peacock casually strolling about

The peak district was, as usual, absolutely beautiful. Huge, rolling hills, towering mountains and delicate towns full of carefully painted cottages. As a child, we would sometimes drive up in the winter to celebrate Christmas there, and I can remember the terror – and excitement – of driving along roads no wider than the average car up near-vertical hills in the middle of a mini snowstorm. The steep drop on either side didn’t help! But then you’d get there, and look back at the most amazing view. It was always the best place to go for snow as well, with a thick coating remaining until as late as early summer!

Photo 29-05-2015 14 37 16

Summer was another time for visiting. This time, the “big kids” got stuck with one of the “littlies” (i.e. me) and we’d go on a train together to stay for a weekend (or even a week when we were a bit older). The second time I went was with my brother (I used to say he was my little, big brother, as I have two) and we were taken to a big forest like space and let loose! First up was trying to build a dam across the river (which involved getting very wet) then, I ended up using two rocks to scale a mud/rock face before sledging down a slightly more sloped part on some tree bark. This was back before all the smart phones and Xboxes of today, when we could make entertainment out of mud and sticks (quite literally). It makes me feel kind of sad sometimes, to think that a lot of children today will grow up with electronic toys, iPods and no idea what to do when the TV breaks. They may never know the joys of mud pies and cassettes – or tea parties made from grass and fresh flowers. I spent some time in Manchester a while ago, and it felt like I had come from the 18th century. They were amazed that I’d never heard of “Krispy kreme” (doughnuts apparently, can you believe it!), been on a rollercoaster or used a Smartphone – but I just thought how they probably hadn’t fed a lamb, or seen the stars on a completely clear night, camping under a huge tree. It’s strange to think how different life is between era’s and even depending on where about you live. I’m quite happy away from all the cars and skyscrapers though, there’s always a cow nearby if you get lonely!

Over the holiday, I’ve spent lots of time with Rosie. We have a routine now. I go up to my room every day for an hour of reading before revision starts at 9:30, and she will curl up my side or on my pillow (actually, she’ll sit anywhere – including on top of me).

Photo 29-05-2015 14 28 05

Now, whenever I sit down for longer than a minute, Rosie will be there hopping up onto the bed and pushing up to me. Then when I leave, she’ll be right behind, waiting for the next stop. It’s very cute, and reminds me a bit of a furry shadow. I closed my door the other day to shut out the distractions, and when I left to go downstairs, I found her sat outside waiting to come in. Straight onto the bed with a little, “mew” to let me know she wanted a fuss.

Photo 29-05-2015 14 30 25

She’s on my pillow right now, and Jim is sat at the other end. How lovely it is to have a little friend at all times!

Photo 29-05-2015 14 32 53

The holiday has been quite quiet due to work, but I’ve got some more gardening done (the flowers are all sprouting now and the little baby leeks have been planted ready for next year) and baked some peanut butter cookies. They worked much better than I expected, but have gone soft now as I didn’t have a glass jar to store them in. Apparently, it should be glass for crispy cookies and plastic for soft or chewy.

Photo 29-05-2015 14 45 41Photo 29-05-2015 14 39 30

Well, happy almost summer, and I hope you have a good week!

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