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The Versatile Blogger Award

blog awardI had almost finished writing my next post (hopefully I will be a little more active now my homework has been sorted), when I checked my blog to find that Laura, from Is it really that easy? had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I must admit, I hadn’t heard about it until then, but it made my week! It’s definitely something I think should be known about.

Laura’s blog is definitely versatile! For anyone interested in gardening, cooking, writing, reading, craft… basically, just about anything! Then I would definitely recommend a visit, you are sure to find a post about something you enjoy (especially hummingbirds).

So, my duty is to nominate some blogs of my own (here is a very helpful link if you would like to find out more – here) and then to let you know 7 things about me.

1) I have two brothers, two sisters and two cats. We all get on very well, except for when my little big brother feeds Jim tidbits. Then I get a bit annoyed as it will make his tummy upset!

2) My favourite food is soy custard, followed by tofu (but not together).

3) I collect rocks – yes, that sounds boring but they are actually fascinating. I have several chunks of quartz now as I just can’t resist it. Rose quartz especially as I got given a little rose quartz dolphin when I was younger.

4) I used to be good friends with a wild pheasant. I spent hours sat with bird seed in my hand until Mr Pheasant (original, I know) was quite happy to eat out of my hand and sit with me in the garden.

5) I don’t really watch much T.V but I love Orphan Black. It’s about a group of clones, and about half of the entire cast is one incredibly talented actress.

6) My favourite type of music is heavy rock and metal. A lot of it can actually be very beautiful. It does confuse people a little though – I enjoy defying stereotypes!

7) I have never been out of the UK, but I would love to go to Costa Rica and I have been saving up since I was a child so I can go and volunteer at a sloth rescue centre.

My Nominations

1) Katzenworld – This is a blog I regularly check up on. The many cat photos make it well worth a check. Nubia looks very similar to my Jim:)

2) Koharu – More cat photos! You can never have too many, and each one is a piece of art.

3) The Bruges Vegan – Brilliant recipes whether you are vegan or not, also a brilliant way of knowing what’s going on in the world.

4) Creekviewcarol – A blog with a difference, this blog is run by several furry friends, and don’t worry, we have cats and dogs (“furry beasts”) writing.

5) A vegan with a plan – A very dangerous blog, I always want to eat everything on it – and I mean everything. I recommend the chocolate chip waffles and peanut butter mousse. Wholegrain means they are healthy right? Therefore I reckon you can eat at least three:)

6) A spoonful of nature – The only thing better than a spoonful of nature is two. It will make you appreciate what the world has given us.

I have definitely missed some amazing blogs off this list – so I will have to do another post like this. I think it is important to appreciate the little things that make you smile.

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