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Decoupage, bento boxes, gardens and mice!

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but it’s been very busy with the holiday ending and school starting. I’ve had my first practice exam, but it all got a bit messed up as the teacher wasn’t there and we had a supply, who subsequently forgot to order enough papers. I was sat surrounded by people working through the paper while having no test to do myself – for 25 minutes!

We’ve had a dramatic week with the cats as while I was sat inPhoto 25-04-2015 11 12 44 bed reading, a little mouse came hopping into my room! It disappeared under the bed and I sat confused for a while before going to close the doors to stop the cats coming up. Then followed a huge blitz of my room, taking out everything from under the bed to discover there were in fact two mice! They were only very young and so our mission was to rescue them and hopefully find the mum. Halfway through the next day, I got a text informing me that we had found the mice and that one was reunited with it’s mum in my cupboard (there is an old cubby hole with a hole in the back where mice have found their way into) and the other had been discovered by Rosie, picked up with a soft mouth and carried unharmed outside where it was completely fine! SUCCESS!

I have recently discovered the wonders of bento boxes! They are part of popular Japanese culture and are similar to a lunch box but with many different compartments and two storeys. This appeals to me a lot as I love to organise everything. My idea of entertainment as a child was to sit and sort hair bobbles into piles with specific criteria for each pile. I am usually away from home every Monday afternoon so I will now be taking some stew in the bottom, vegetables in the top, a falafel and possibly an almond cookie if I’m being naughty! All ordered and separateJ There’s even a middle plate with cutlery!

Another brilliant thing I’ve discovered is the joys of decoupage! We have a joke in our family which is a big Paper Mache elephant – the elephant in the room! It is placed on the table after an argument or when there’s a bit too much tension! My current project is to decoupage it in some beautiful grey and white, floral paper. It’s very relaxing and looks great with minimal effort! It even doubles as a background for my chocolate mousse:)Photo 25-04-2015 11 10 25

Photo 09-04-2015 09 59 17

Finally, Happy Spring! The trees are full blossom, the hedges are green and the temperature is perfect. Warm enough for no coat, but cool enough for a cardigan. I love this time of year, the air is so clear and everything’s coming to life. My flower garden is being planned. This year, I’m making a special area for my Mum wi th pink poppies (one of her favourites), candytuft (in her favourite colours), night phlox (for an evening scent), gysophila ( it was in her wedding bouquet) and sweet peas – her all-time favourite flower. They are hopefully all going to be sown by the end of the week.

Oh, one more thing I want to share with you, this is a video about big cats and boxes! Rosie loves cardboard boxes and it looks like big cats (tigers, leopards, lions etc) do too! Click here to watch:)

Please let me know what you think!

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