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The Rosie Project with Rosie

I am currently (well, I was when I wrote this) lying in bed with my computer tucked under my chin at a rather peculiar angle. The reason for this is that both cats have decided they are in need of a place to  nap and apparently my stomach and legs were a prime candidate. I had been reading “The Rosie project” when Jim came and claimed my legs, then, 5 minutes before I had scheduled an hour or so of work, Rosie jumped up and stretched out across my chest. Had it been Jim, who routinely curls up on my knee, I might have slipped out from beneath and returned to my book full of trigonometry. However, Rosie has only ever come close to sitting on someone once before (she once lay half on my knee while I was going to sleep) , so the situation becomes a lot more complicated!Photo 12-04-2015 12 30 59

Sorry for the messy stickers on my bed, I stuck them all over when I was little and unlike the cheap stickers of today,(which don’t stick to anything), they hung on for their life – and are still there today!

Rosie is now 4 years old, but still very kittenish when it comes to playing and going hyper! She is incredibly intelligent, and can understand and express a number of signals, such as standing in a particular place, in a particular way, with a particular noise to not only tell us what she’d like, but how she’d like it! ( e.g., stood with her tail straight up on the corridor rug, producing a piercing, yet heartbreaking MEW = play chase with me using the little blue ball. In reverse, I can stand by the door and whistle and she will come running from wherever she is to play chase). She is also very affectionate (on her terms) and loves a cheek rub, stroke, head bump or even a cuddle. Another of her favourite activities is to curl up with me in her beanbag (I’ve given up trying to reclaim it). She would push herself up against my side, rest her head on my shoulder and paws on my arm. Rosie likes to be close to me, however, she would never sit on anyone. Which is why it’s such an honour to have a Rosie on me! She has now moved to my knee and is consequently half sat on Jim’s head! Miraculously, he hasn’t flinched. That is all for today as the afternoon will be taken up by catching up with work. Cats can be ever so distracting, I’m blaming Rosie’s adorable fluffiness if I no longer get an A!

There was going to be  a compilation of Rosie videos which delayed the release of this post by several days, however it turns out the maximum upload size is 10Mb… it was 244. Oh well! Sorry about that:(

Please let me know what you think!

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