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A few thoughts and memories leading up to the holidays

It’s the time of the year where everyone starts coming home! This year is no exception and we have five ( not counting the cats) already. At one point in the upcoming week though, there’s going to be twelve, so it’s spring cleaning season supposedly. The table is a mess so unless some of it gets cleared, we won’t be able to fit five, DSCF7145yet alone twelve!

I’ve always liked the Easter holidays. No icy winds or snow but at the same time, you can go outside without passing out from the heat! Instead, you get a nice warm break with all the flowers and trees waking up. It feels like a very good time for growing, so I’m hoping to start getting out into the garden. A few years ago, I started looking after a small “flower garden”. Most of it was cat grass but the poppies worked very well and we had enough marigolds to start making little seed packets for this year. I’ve not been growing anything for a while as there just hasn’t been time but, just like last year supposedly was, this is the year I start gardening again. I just hope I haven’t missed sowing season! My dad has an impressive selection of vegetables each year. When we were little, we used to have a DSCF6992small hill at the bottom of our garden but one year, Dad decided to “rabbit proof” his garden. Our hill was dug up and turned into a raised garden. We were all in a big mood with him but, he was soon forgiven when we had home-grown corn on the cob and leeks for tea. The only problem is, we end up with far too much! We had the famous year of mange tout where everything contained it in some shape or form. I love mange tout but at the end of several long, thick rows of mange tout, I was sick to the bones! Other years, we avoided the problem by delivering marrows, beans and potatoes down the road in a huge wheel barrow, handing them out to meetings and family’s for free. I say marrows. They started out as courgettes but decided they didn’t want to stop. The courgettes began to transform into mutant marrows, big enough to feed our huge family for a long time. You can imagine the schools face when my mum sent us all in with huge wheel barrows of giant mutant vegetables for harvest festival!

I’Photo 01-04-2015 18 19 01ve managed to get very off track! Back on the topic of Easter, I spent this evening decorating homemade Easter eggs. I found a simple mould in hobby craft and decorated the front with chopped nuts and coconut before drizzling melted chocolate over. The left over chocolate went towards little mini truffles for my family. Why buy an Easter egg when you can have your dream, personalized one! However, I’m not that big a chocoholic (although tell that to my chocolate oatmeal) so, for Easter this year, I am making my way lush to select my Easter egg bath bomb! Very exciting. Just walking into lush is a treat in itself. No, scrap that, just walking past! I’m not in the slightest bit girly usually, but I make an exception for lush (and freshly cut flowers). The biggest treat though, will be having everyone home again. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s really true! All four of my siblings are home as well as my gran, my sisters friend and some of his family for a little bit. The house is just so lovely and fun when they all get back that chocolate and presents don’t even matter, and instead we can just be grateful for what we’ve got!

I had the very common problem this morning of waking up to find I had no trousers washed. However, this does mean I get to stay in pyjamas until I find someJ Jim is breakfast stalking. He likes to sit and stare at you while you eat in the hope that it will intimidate you enough to give him food. Not the best tactic, but it’s better than the alternative (e.g. just jumping in and sticking his nose in it). We started off trying to train them not to sit on the table, but that didn’t last long. It’s not the most hygienic but to be fair, they only sit on the “doing” side of the table at meals (we have a doing side and an eating side. AKA half our table is covered in mess from people working there).

It’s only one day to the weekend now, and i think I probably need it. It’s getting to the time where everyone is so tired that any bugs hanging round spread like wildfire – and I’m usually first in line. When I was little, I would catch an illness every single Easter. I was always ill on Easter day and just the though of chocolate sent me running to the toilet. However, so far, my immune system has been putting up a good fight so hopefully, I can enjoy Easter outside of my bed for once! I’ve got a bag of goodies under my bed as well, ready for my brothers and sisters (and sister’s friend – who counts as family nowJ). I didn’t see one of them on their birthday so I need to give them their present. I found them a lovely mug, decorated in jungle leaves with a tree frog wrapped around the mug as a handle. I know mugs aren’t the most original of ideas, but I couldn’t resist, especially as he loves frogs! There are also some little truffles for everyone and an Easter chick. The little fluffy chicks you get in packs are a bit of a tradition. It was my favourite part of Easter when I was little and I have quite a collection now. I had some bits and bobs left from making a mothers day present so they are getting some silly decorations as a bit of fun. I’m off now to read some more of my book and get a bit more revision done before tea (veggie sausages, mash and onion gravy – we’ve got a treat meal tonight to remind everyone to come home more often).

If I don’t write before then, Happy Easter!

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