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Decoupage, bento boxes, gardens and mice!

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but it’s been very busy with the holiday ending and school starting. I’ve had my first practice exam, but it all got a bit messed up as the teacher wasn’t there and we had a supply, who subsequently forgot to order enough papers. I was sat surrounded by people working through the paper while having no test to do myself – for 25 minutes!

We’ve had a dramatic week with the cats Continue reading “Decoupage, bento boxes, gardens and mice!”

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The Rosie Project with Rosie

I am currently (well, I was when I wrote this) lying in bed with my computer tucked under my chin at a rather peculiar angle. The reason for this is that both cats have decided they are in need of a place to  nap and apparently my stomach and legs were a prime candidate. Continue reading “The Rosie Project with Rosie”

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Pottery Painting ideas, “parties”, and holidays

It was my brothers 19th birthday in December, but being so close to Christmas, we didn’t really celebrate. So, yesterday, we received a “Birthday party” request. He wanted to go and paint a plate! This is a bit of a tradition in our family, however, we didn’t expect him to ask to go! So on Wednesday, my mum, sister, dad, brother and I (my other two siblings were back at university) drove off to Blakemere craft centre to paint pottery! Continue reading “Pottery Painting ideas, “parties”, and holidays”

Tofu, Aubergine, Mushroom and Quinoa Risotto Salad



Saturday at last! Saturday brings plenty of time to relax, read and…. COOK! So here’s my pre-easter gift to you. One of my favourite food combinations. My latest lunch craze is risotto salads. I make a lovely big salad but I cook the vegetables and add some quinoa in a bit of a sauce. You could argue that cooking the vegetables stops it being a salad, and you’d probably be right, but it’s still chock a block full of delicious vegetables! Feel free to add more or swap around though. The quinoa adds a bit of crunch as well while the tofu brings plenty of flavour and protein! Continue reading “Tofu, Aubergine, Mushroom and Quinoa Risotto Salad”

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A few thoughts and memories leading up to the holidays

It’s the time of the year where everyone starts coming home! This year is no exception and we have five ( not counting the cats) already. At one point in the upcoming week though, there’s going to be twelve, so it’s spring cleaning season supposedly. The table is a mess so unless some of it gets cleared, we won’t be able to fit five, DSCF7145yet alone twelve!

I’ve always liked the Easter holidays. No icy winds or snow but at the same time, you can go outside without passing out from the heat! Instead, you get a nice warm break with all the flowers and trees waking up. It feels like a very good time for growing, so I’m hoping to start getting out into the garden. A few years ago, I started looking after a small “flower garden”. Most of it was cat grass but the poppies worked very well and we had enough marigolds to start making little seed packets for this year. I’ve not been growing anything for a while as there just hasn’t been time but, just like last year supposedly was, this is the year I start gardening again. I just hope I haven’t missed sowing season! Continue reading “A few thoughts and memories leading up to the holidays”